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Pet Legacy Program
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Who We Are

Recognizing the value of the human - animal bond, the Pet Project, a private, nonprofit organization, holding 501(c)3 status was formed in 2002. The organization’s goal is to help people keep their pets in their homes when faced with economic challenges that result from devastating and debilitating health issues associated with advanced age or illness.

What We Do

We are the step before a shelter for many animals. We provide pet food, vaccinations, dog walking, veterinary care if funding permits, as well as offering our newest Pet Legacy Program. The Pet Legacy Program is open to anyone, and will provide a long term, permanent care of your pets when you are no longer able to care for them.

Pet Legacy Program

The Pet Project – Pet Legacy Program provides for the long term, permanent care of your pet when you are no longer able to care for them. Many people wonder what will happen to their pet when they pass away or can no longer care for them. Well-meaning friends and family may not be able to take on the additional responsibility and responsible pet owners want to be sure their pet will be well taken care of. This program will address this need. Provisions for your pet should be included in your will or living trust so that your pet is placed in a loving home in the event of your incapacity or passing. 

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With our Pet Legacy Program you can be sure that your wishes and directives will be carried out with no delay, for the life of your pet.
To sign up for the Pet Legacy Program, you must make a minimum provision of $10,000 per pet in your will, a life insurance policy, a retirement account or other planned gift giving vehicle that names The Pet Project - Pet Legacy Program as a beneficiary. You will want to consult with your attorney and financial advisors to customize a charitable giving vehicle that fits your situation.

When your pet is signed up for the Pet Legacy Program:

  • You will receive a wallet card instructing authorized persons to notify your legal team / next of kin and The Pet Project that your pet needs to be picked up immediately and cared for in the event of your death or incapacity.
  • Your pet will be accepted immediately, given a full veterinary exam and placed in a foster home.
  • While in our supervised foster care, The Pet Project for Pets will seek to find your pet a forever home as specified in your directives.
  • The Pet Project will do a site visit prior to placing your pet in their new forever home.
  • All your pets, needs are provided for such as food, supplies, veterinary services and medicines.
  • The Pet Project will do site visits every six months for the life of your pet. We want to be sure that it is a good fit for both the pet and the forever home.
  • Your pet will have a required medical exam each year including annual vaccines, shots, micro chips and licenses.
  • All medical records for your pet will be maintained at The Pet Project.

Funding Options for the Pet Legacy Program

Bequest by Will
A charitable bequest in your will to The Pet Project - Pet Legacy Program is the simplest way to fund your pet legacy program for one or more of your pets. You can leave a bequest by adding to an existing will or drafting a new one. The assets distributed to The Pet Project are exempt from estate tax.

 Life Insurance
You can designate The Pet Project as the primary or secondary beneficiary of either 100% or some percentage of the proceeds from an existing policy or a new policy.

 Gifts of Real Estate
You can turn the value of Real Estate into a funding vehicle to care for your pet when you are no longer able to care for them. A primary residence, rental house, vacation home, or unimproved land can be gifted for sale.

 Gifts of Publicly Traded Stock
Let your portfolio or your business fund your Pet Legacy Program

 Gifts from Retirement Plans
Retirement plan assets (those in qualified plans and IRA’S) are ideal for charitable giving purposes. To make a future gift of Retirement plan assets simply requires a designation of The Pet Project as the beneficiary of the plan.

Pet Legacy

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