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Every once in a while you get to do something totally different but equally as meaningful as doing the things you do on a daily basis in the name of charity. I had the opportunity to take part in the SMART RIDE this past January and all I can say is WOW it was truly amazing.

The Pet Project for Pets, in an effort to give back to those who give to us, volunteered our 15 foot box truck along with me the Director (me) to help with the ride in any way needed.

Our truck was signed up with the Ceremonies committee, who were dedicated amazing people to work with. Our truck transported the ceremony materials from Miami to Marathon key, Smart Ride hotel home base and then on to Key West for the closing ceremony.

At Marathon Key there was a huge reception for the riders and a very delicious dinner. This was an opportunity for riders to mingle and relax after a long bike ride (only half way).

Early the next AM was a hot breakfast and lots of coffee and then the start of the final miles to Key West.

The riders, when arriving at Key West stop at the High School and have lunch, catch their breath before circling around the island and arriving at the Pier for the Closing Ceremony.

The Closing ceremony reminds us all why we are there, to support those who live with HIV / AIDS and to get the word out to others to help. It was so touching, the speakers, the confetti, the amount raised for the cause but there was nothing that hit home more than the Bike With No Rider – a reminder of those we have lost to AIDS. The theme of this ride was IF NOT NOW WHEN??? And NOW is the time, Now is the time to tell all you know to stand up and help us find a cure, help us keep those who live with HIV / AIDS in the best health they can be by giving friendship, companionship, and love and of course I am partial to helping them KEEP THEIR PETS who are their family…

I want to Thank all of the riders, the CREW, the volunteers, Glen, John & Mark for giving me the chance to be part of such a great cause.


Pet Project for Pets